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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Brennen’s PTO has one of the most active memberships in Richland County and plays a vital role in making Brennen the highly regarded school that it is. Our goal is to enrich every child’s education at Brennen and to help provide a positive environment for both staff and families alike. We are proud to have a longstanding tradition of strong family support. Our PTO has over 60 Committee & Board members and approximately 40 committees that support Brennen students and staff.

Our PTO organizes special events throughout the school year that focus on fun and education, and our volunteers develop and execute plans to support both our faculty and families. With the help of PTO Memberships, Business Sponsors and our fundraising efforts, the PTO supports the school community with items such as staff development support, smart boards for classrooms, additional classroom materials, laptop computers for a rolling tech cart, Book Vending Machine, risers for drama performances and school functions, Literacy Lab, playground improvements, and organizing a variety of free activities for prospective, new, and current families.

The PTO recruits volunteers to provide support at these events. Without the ongoing support of all Brennen parents and the local community, the PTO would not be able to accomplish so much each year. With a variety of volunteer opportunities, the Brennen PTO has a place for everyone.