We are in the middle of our Jump Rope For Heart Campaign. Thank you to the Brennen family for helping support the Heart Assoc. in raising funds for research to fight Heart Disease and stroke.

Our Jump Rope for Heart Event will take place during your child’s PE class the week of Feb. 20. We hope to have all donations turned in by Feb. 24.

To encourage healthy habits, the Heart Assoc. has a new program this year called e-cards. E-cards are sent via email to challenge friends and family to do one of 3 heart healthy habits.  Each child who takes the challenge and sends out 10 e-cards will receive a lanyard and Zoo Crew Badge. Brennen will be rewarded with gift cards if enough of our children take the challenge.  If 20% of our students participate by sending 10 e-cards, Brennen will receive a $300.00 gift card which we will spend on recess equipment. A 30% participation rate will get us $500.00!!  The amount increases as our participation rate increases. Our max would be $1200.00!!!

To send 10 e-cards go to heart.org/jump and follow the simple steps to Sign Up and then send 10 e-cards!!!